Thursday, June 29, 2006

futile apologies

How many times have I read other bloggers who say thusly: I've been eating, cooking, taking photographs like mad--but, sorry, no time to post! I hate this as a reader. Just give me a hint, I think. Stew? Curry? lots of dessert?
But now I have to say it myself--lots of stuff I could have posted about, but the truth is I've been working hard on my novel, and blogging has suffered. And now I'm going away for the weekend. Is there no end to my perfidy?
In the meantime, here's something I posted on the Eat Local Challenge site, plus a photo of the flowers on my tomato plants, and one of the garlic scapes that I couldn't for some reason put up on the ELC.


cookiecrumb said...

Is this not the Year of the Garlic Scapes?
Funny how that happens. Last year I'd never even heard the word. (Ramps are *so* last year.)

lucette said...

Maybe that's why I didn't recognize them before. (Or maybe I was just clueless.)