Sunday, April 22, 2007

at last: the farmers' market

The Crocker-Basset branch of the North Union Farmers Market opened yesterday in its spring version--smaller than the many canopies and vendors of summer, but as friendly. Plus, there were lambs. I missed the sheep shearing, although there was a pile of wool to show it had been done--my sister stopped breathing as we went by to hold off an allergic sneeze.
Shopping list:
bread from Zoss bakery (rye and sourdough)
2 banana-chocolate chip scones from Olaf's Daughter (dreamy)
a bag of Empire apples from Woolf Farms (literary apples!); the young woman in the yellow t-shirt explained that these had been in normal storage and not cold storage, and so might not be quite as crisp (but they were as crispy as I could want). I should have asked what normal storage was, exactly. I imagine a loose pile of apples in a root cellar, with a shaft of sun coming in through a high-up window (but probably not).
some unfiltered honey; apparently it's a good thing if there are stray bee wings in your honey. We'll see.
cheese: mozzarella and raw-milk cheddar
There were ramps, but I'm not convinced that they are any better than the young garlic growing in my yard, so I passed (even though they looked lovely. I didn't buy any jewelry either, although I admired the display.
At home, a farmers market lunch: raw milk cheddar on rye bread, sprinkled with chives from my garden. Heavenly.


Maureen McHugh said...

Don't you love the smells at a farmer's market? Ours doesn't have live sheep, but it does go all year round.

kitchen hand said...

We have a farmer's market just like that here. All full of autumn harvest produce right now.