Sunday, October 29, 2006

art and food

D was in a juried art show which had its opening last night, so we went and mingled with other other artists and art lovers. Some good stuff--above is the 1st prize winner, which was called "Emerging."
And here is my favorite painting of D's in the show:

And here is the food--it was solid fare of the cheese-cracker-grape-olive variety, but I particularly liked the signs, which suggested mysterious food and drink misbehavior at past openings that I'd like to hear more about.


Brian Kornell said...

The food signs are intriguing. I almost wonder if someone found a finger in the food last year.

Gina Ventre said...

That blue spidery scorpion-y thing is scary.

I don't like when people get the edges of their fingers in the dip.

mary grimm said...

Brian--hmm--it was just before Halloween.
Gina--it was actually pretty nice looking in person--I didn't take a great picture of it. I thought of it as more squid-like, myself.

Kristin Ohlson said...

How did I miss this?