Saturday, October 21, 2006

food news from here and there

Dagoba Organic Chocolate has been purchased by Hershey. Click here for some words about this from Schilling of Dagoba via David Lebovitz's blog. Question: is Hershey planning to gobble up all the organic/artisan chocolatemakers? Is this an evil chocolate plot? Stay tuned.
Elise at Simply Recipes has posted a recipe for Caramel Apples, which look so wonderful I'm thinking of changing my mind about not liking them.
Bridal gown made by future husband, a baker, from cream puffs. See here.
Kitchenhand gives a personal history of the bean, and a recipe.
I had cheese (an unidentified cheddar scrap rescued from the back of the fridge) and crackers (Ritz) for lunch. No photos.


Kalyn said...

Thanks so much for letting me know that kale isn't hard to grow. It just went on my list of what to plant next year!

lucette said...

Also it's like lettuce or chard, in that you can cut it over a long period, from micro-kale, up to the big leaves. And it can withstand some frost.