Wednesday, August 30, 2006


See, what I love about food blogs is that you can find there interviews of people who make chocolate--as for instance, here, where David Lebovitz interviews Frederick Schilling of Dagoba Organic Chocolate on his wonderful (often chocolate-focused) blog. Lots of interesting stuff about chocolate making, the chocolatemakers community, etc. Schilling quotes Dr. Seuss and mentions a fantasy of transporting chocolate from South America in sailing boats--could he be more charming? Plus, Dagoba makes one of my favorite chocolat bars, the Xocalatl, bittersweet chocolate with chilies and cacao nibs. It turns out it's their #1 best selling bar, which dashes my feelings of being unique and clever in my liking of it, but I'll get over it.


Faith said...

Mmmm. I love cocoa nibs!

Lucette, I hope you don't mind - I tagged you for the "Five Things to Eat Before you Die" meme that's going around. I wanted to see what a Cleveland foodie would say - I have krofi on my list. :-)

lucette said...

Faith--I'm quite pleased to be tagged. I've been reading other bloggers on 5 things, and of course have some things rolling around in my head.

karina said...

Chocolate and chiles = yummalicious!