Friday, June 02, 2006

bridal food

Or more accurately, bridal shower food. The big food event for the end of May was my niece K's shower. It was the usual kind of many-dish extravaganza that our family does. Our one rule is that there must be too much food. And then the hostess must be appalled at how much food is left, and beg/persuade/threaten the guests to take some home with them.
We had, in no particular order--
Chicken salad
Fruit salad
Stuffed mushrooms
Sausage/cheese crostini
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Chocolate chip blondies
Tiny crustless sandwiches
These wonderful cakes my aunt makes with the icing soaked in
Stuffed celery
Skewered pepperoni and mozzarella cubes
And a beautiful wedding-like cake

There were supposed to be rolls, but we forgot to put them until the last moment, and then decided not to because there was so much (!) food.


Liz said...

Kolachke? Made? Storebought? please tell. :)

lucette said...

The kolachke were home-made, by one of my cousins. It's my grandmother's recipe, passed down to all her 5 daughters, and now to all the cousins. Very good, too!

Brian Kornell said...

Forgetting the rolls is very common. We forget them for every holiday dinner.