Monday, May 01, 2006

first local meal

Pleased to report that I have one local meal under my belt. I know that I'm not going to be able to eat totally locally (and don't even want to: the chocolate factor), but I took pleasure in looking at my plate and saying, "You belong to my foodshed." Saying mentally, you understand.
I had rye bread (baker at the farmers market) toasted, with butter from the Hartzler Family Dairy (Wooster, Ohio), and a scoop of cottage cheese from the Amish guy in the straw hat at the farmers market.
I always have tea with breakfast, and I'd decided that I'd be drinking mint tea, dried from my garden mint, for the duration. But I couldn't find my tea ball. I ransacked the kitchen as quietly as I could (D still sleeping), but no tea ball. My intense desire to avoid drinking a cup of hot water led me to MacGyver-like inspiration--I made an impromptu tea bag with a coffee filter and a twisty-tie.
Thanks to Richard Dean Anderson, local eating is saved.
Check out the Eat Local Challenge group blog for more measured and informative prose on the subject.


Liz said...

I get so much satisfaction from looking at my meal and ticking off the items we either grew ourselves or found nearby. You did great, and I love the MacGyver-style tea bag! :) said...

Hi Lucette,
I just had to write and say hello. You see we share the same name. I have not met anyone with my name before. I saw your name when I was visiting Liz at PocketFarm, and thought I don't recall signing up for the eat local challenge. Nice surprise. Where I live, spring is just starting and it is still to early to eat locally.

you have a great blog.


lucette said...

It's not my real name--it's my blog name! But I like it--it's also the name of the main character in a novel I wrote.