Friday, March 17, 2006

back from the south

Of Ohio, that is. I spent my time taking 107 pictures of my grandsons, reading a book about multiplying hippos to my grandsons, making brownies for my grandsons (although they only had a tiny bite each), and going to the mall with my grandsons where they rode on the merry-go-round and the vibating helicopter.
I did have some time to eat though, notably at Pizza Crossing, and at the auction I went to (with my grandsons, among others). Pizza Crossing is the premier place to eat pizza in Logan, Ohio, and in my opinion, the world, except for Italy. They do a thin-crust pizza, quite crispy, a not-too-sweet sauce, light hand with the cheese (which not everyone likes, I know, although I do), and a plethora of toppings. Check out their on-line menu. "We deliver," it says, but unfortunately, not to Cleveland.
Auction food is a whole genre in itself. I don't know if this phenomenon is peculiar to southeast Ohio, but at auctions down there, there is always food, and an auction is judged partly by the quality of what's on offer. At the auction I went to last week in Circleville, the women who was making the food was as much a draw as the glass and pottery. One couple told me they'd come just for the food and the fun--their own interests ran more to furniture and antique tools.

I was torn--I wanted to try the green beans, but I settled on Chicken and Noodles, a regional specialty I'd had before and couldn't resist. These noodles are more like dumplings made in a fat noodle-shape--very toothsome, with an eggy resistance, served in a chickeny stew, with bits of chicken. It's all about the noodles, in my opinion; you don't want too much chicken to overshadow them.
Auction food is also pie- and cake-centered. I have to admit I've never had auction cake, because auction pie is so good. A cherry/rhubarb pie I had at an auction two summers ago is still bright in my memory. That particular auction food was made by a church group raising funds for (I think) a new communion table, and I was lucky enough to get one of them to give me the pie crust recipe.

This time I went for the coconut cream pie, which was not too sweet, dense with coconut, and topped by a high and light meringue. I wish my photo could do it justice. I also bought a cut-glass vase with a pineapple pattern and a 14-inch glass candlewick platter. I had my eye on some George and Martha Washington salt and pepper shakers and a small but charming green vase, but the grandsons were not as enthralled with the auction as I was, so we left early. Just as well, for I heard later that the small and unremarkable green vase was Warwick (whatever that is) and went for almost $200.


Maureen McHugh said...

I love a cooking blog that posts a picture of pizza and coconut pie on St. Patrick's Day.

So much better than corned beef and cabbage or green beer.

lucette said...

I do like corned beef though (no green beer, thank you).

darlamay said...

THanks for commenting on Messy Cucina! That coconut pie looks amazing! Do you have any recommendations in Cuban music?

Rinn said...

Is it well known to Ohioans that Ohio is pizza capital of the USA? It beat NYC and Chicago for number of pizza places per capita.