Wednesday, February 01, 2006

what I had for lunch yesterday

Which is, of course, the most boring thing in the world, even to me. But I feel the urge to confess the depths to which I sank.
Half a chocolate bar
A bag of Lay's from the vending machine
6 leftover peanuts from a former vending machine purchase
A bag of Cheese-Its, also vending machine
A blueberry muffin from the snack bar in the Peter B. Lewis building, where my afternoon class is. I put cream cheese on it, pretending that this insignificant smear of protein would make it healthier. The muffin was one of ones that are really more like cake, too.
I just discussed this with my daughter, and we agreed that if we don't pack a lunch, we don't eat well at work. Yes, there are restaurants and coffee places that offer a more varied and healthy menu, but somehow when I get hungry and I'm in the middle of something I convince myself that I can't take the time to walk two blocks and get a salad or some soup. So it's down to the vending machine which lurks in the back hallway of my office building, down the back stairs, smoothing my dollar bills so that their bent corners won't make the machine spit them out. "Just getting a snack," I say if I meet someone there, laughing falsely.
So, a small resolve: to pack my lunch; to possibly buy one of those nifty Tupperware thermos mugs; to eat some real food in my office.
The photo, by the way, is from Quantum Diaries, an on-line chronicle that follows physicists doing the World Year of Physics. I'm not sure what that is, but I do like having this visible proof that physicists are no more immune to junk food than English teachers.


Alice said...

Luckily or not, depending how you see building doesn't have a vending machine for snacks...only sodas. I try to always keep something hidden in my office somewhere...then the fateful day when I found these little red bugs crawling around in the crackers I had stashed away for over a I try not to keep anything but canned soup! :)

lucette said...

Hmmm--I was thinking about crackers. Maybe I'll stash them in one of those metal cookie tins--surely must be insect-proof.

Silver Streak said...

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