Saturday, February 18, 2006

the bliss of the cheese sandwich

Here is my cheese sandwich post. The cheese sandwich avalanche is in response to an article by Pete Wells in Food and Wine, where he wrote about food blogs, saying some interesting and insightful things, but also committed the (writerly) crime of quoting out of context. I'm a little late with my sandwich (official Cheese Sandwich Day was 2/16) but I firmly believe there's always room for cheese.
This is a mundane cheese sandwich: Jarlsberg on whole wheat bread, adorned with yellow mustard, and fortified with onion slices and spinach leaves. Its ordinariness is redeemed (for me) by its historical associations: it was one of my favorite sandwiches as a child, and eaten on many historic occasions, often out of my lunch box, sometimes made for me by my mother (now dead: sentimental association), and sometimes by me (see chapter on Cooking, My Apprenticeship in).
The historic sandwich was always on white bread, because that's what we ate then, and didn't have spinach, which we knew only in the form of frozen blocks that could be cooked in an inch of water in a Revereware saucepan. Note: green onions were sometimes substituted for onion slices.
For a masterly wrap-up, see Kalyn's Kitchen.


Kalyn said...

Not late at all, I believe this was originally intended to last all weekend!

erieblue said...

How about the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon? One of my favorites.

lucette said...

Also, of course, with tomato, grilled or not grilled.

Maureen McHugh said...

I found your blog! Yay! I know that you mentioned your immersion blender several posts ago, but how do you like it? I love mine.