Sunday, August 19, 2007

OLS 8: pizza!

Last night we had pizza, in celebration of being able to comfortably turn on the oven. Not only was it comfortable, it was welcome--I think it got down in the high 40s last night.
The pizza crust was half of a batch I made a few weeks ago and froze--it's from a recipe I got from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver's book on local eating, and it's very good--crispy, chewily toothsome. Plus, it's online!
The sauce was a local affair, mainly, as were the mushrooms and cheese (farmers' market, both); the pepperoni was not. The salad--totally local, and in fact, totally garden (mine), except for the olive oil and vinegar dressing.
One of the best things about this sauce was how it made the house smell--tomato-y and rich and spicy--as if someone Italian lived here, someone Italian who was a brilliant cook.
Heavenly Roasted Tomato Pizza Sauce

several tomatoes; as many as you want to get rid of, if you're trying to use them up. I used 6 medium to large tomatoes, Brandywine and Beefsteak
2 cloves garlic
a double handful of fresh basil
a small handful of fresh oregano
several sprigs of fresh thyme
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
Because I was using very juicy tomatoes, I chopped them, put them in a colander over a bowl, salted them a bit, and let them sit there for a while so they'd lose some liquid. Then I spread them out on a cookie sheet which I lined with foil (to make clean up easier). I chopped the herbs and the garlic and distributed them more or less evenly, then drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (I'd guess 2-3 tablespoons each).
I roasted them in a 325 oven for about an hour--but the time would definitely depend on how juicy your tomatoes are, so you have to keep an eye on it. I was waiting for the point where the juices were on the verging of burning (another reason to use the foil). When that happened, I took them out and put the tomatoes and remaining juices in the food processor to mix them up a little. What I got was a nice, thickened, heavenly smelling (and tasting) sauce somewhere between tomato sauce and paste in thickness--perfect for spreading on pizza. I used about half on a 9x13 pizza and froze the rest for a future dinner.
A very pleasing dinner for a summer day that feels a little bit like fall.


Bruce Owens Grimm said...

We've been eating a little more local because Urbana has a great farmer's market. We can walk there and have gotten really good goat cheese, basil, tomatoes and eggplant. The nicest surprise was the hamburger patties we picked up from one of the local farms - much better than the meat they're selling in the grocery store.

mary grimm said...

A farmers market you can walk to--I'm envious. It's true that I have a palm reader only a block and a half away, but it's just not as good.

Blue Zebra said...

Sounds gorgeous and now you're just teasing me by mentioning fall! :-/ I'm gonna try making roasted tomato sauce this week without fail! :D

BC said...

Do you have any advice for freezing pizza dough? I've never frozen it but I would like to try.

Unknown said...

that pizza sounds delicious...gonna try it soon...right away gonna get the ingredients from and try it.

Press - Barb said...

Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well.Thanks.